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Asia Images Group

Asia Images Group was among the first to pioneer high quality Asian content. We specialize in creating, distributing, and licensing globally relevant Asian model-released lifestyle and business images. Our image collections reflect the visual trends, styles and issues that are current in Asia; home of the world's fastest growing economies.

Our clients include the top advertising agencies, multinational corporations, graphic design firms, and magazines worldwide. Our images are used by clients in Asia sourcing for culturally relevant local Asian images as well as clients in the US and Europe looking to accurately represent the global marketplace in their image selection. All of our images are shot to the highest technical and creative standards and are available for download in high resolution from our websites.

With its headquarters in Singapore and rich experience and aggressive expansion plans in both China and India, Asia Images Group is uniquely positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for globally relevant images.

Our Image Collections

Asia Images
Our premium Rights Managed collection featuring images of business, lifestyle, and travel destinations in Asia shot by some of the top photographers in the region.
Our Royalty Free collection of contemporary business and lifestyle images, with an emphasis on Chinese culture and subjects.
Our specialized collection of Royalty Free images representing the essence of contemporary Indian lifestyle and business themes, while retaining the flavor of India's rich cultural heritage.